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Books By John & Eileen Sala
From the age of 14, John's world consisted of drugs, alcohol and crime.  His family, characterized by dysfunction, emotional & physical abuse, and drug & alcohol abuse, produced a wounded young man who turned to drugs and alcohol to medicate his pain. 
He spent years wandering in and out of drug dens, jails, prisons, and treatment centers until the age of 40.  After 22 arrests, John heard and accepted the Good News that turned his life around. 
I'm Not Coming Back, the John Sala Story tells this tremendous story.  You can order this page-turner now!  There are currently more than half of a million copies in circulation.

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This revealing
Bible study offers new understanding and healing for the victims of divorce, as well as a new hope and liberty for their future. It will unlock Godly compassion within you for those enduring this pain and heartbreak.

 So often we are caught in the pain of failed relationships. Marriages that are no longer holy or sacred. What do we do?

This story from the scriptures surrounding the bridegroom will encourage your heart for the battle that you may be waging for holiness. Read about the Lord's marriage, divorce and remarriage, and discover principles that apply to us today. Above all, this book will powerfully, yet gently, ignite in you a hunger for holiness... inspired by One who loves you beyond measure.

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Spanish and Russian translations also available.
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Author "Eileen Plauche" is now "Eileen Sala"
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