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Willie Hubbell Prison Outreach Staff   February 16, 2016
          A long time member of Little Lambs Recovery Ministry has retired from our Volunteer Staff in outreach for Addiction Recovery.  Willie  and his wife Maria live in Sebring, Fl. He had oversight of the Men's Recovery Program, teaching Overcomers Christ -Centered Recovery at the Avon Park Prison as well as the Hogar Resa Addiction Recovery Program, located in Sebring. Willie was also available for addiction counseling, having a 28 year commitment to AA. Willie has worked in Recovery with the Indian Nation as well as several jail programs. 
          Willie and Maria will be enjoying their grandchildren and traveling a bit as the Lord begins a new season in their lives. Maria has finally retired and they will be moving to the Bradenton area near grandchildren. God bless them for their service to Little Lambs Inc. and myself.
Released To Love   February 16, 2016
Ladies Codependent Recovery Meeting
            Codependency often shows up in our lives as a pattern of dysfunctional or abusive relationships. The inability to say no to some people in our lives keeps us saying yes to abusive behaviors.  Kept in this sort of bondage, we are only loving to get love.  Now, freed from bondage, we can be Released to Love, God's way!
         The focus of the meetings will be on building a relationship with God and good biblical boundaries. Boundaries that will stop other people's abusive behaviors toward us.
          Leading and facilitating the meeting will be Mary Tinberg, a long time member and volunteer at Little Lambs.  Mary has graded our lessons, works in the office, and ministered to women through Little Lambs.  We are excited to welcome her back in ministry as she bring a lot of experience through CODA (Codependents Anonymous) and has chaired many meetings in different areas in the past.  Mary will be joined by Ruth Hoffman who has ALNON experience. 
          This is an open meeting and there is no cost. It will be held downstairs at Little Lambs Inc.  You will park in the rear and enter the rear door at 6:30 pm on Thursdays.
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Easter Blessings

Easter was an awesome day for us. 

On Saturday, we received a call from Jon in Winter Haven, he wanted to share his story with us.  Nine years ago, he was in a West Virginia prison after 20 arrests, and at the end of his rope, hopeless.  There he read John's book (I'm Not Coming Back), and said that it gave him hope and he turned to the Lord.  After making parole Jon is with family in Florida, where he is nearly finished with a Master's Degree in Business Administration!

He called to talk with John and mentioned that he wanted to spend Easter with us, that it was important to him.  Jon brought his
fiancé, Lisa.  We went to church together for an awesome service, and then had lunch together.

We felt like proud parents!  We plan on seeing lots more of them. I was doubly blessed because Sunday was my birthday also!  I look forward to a special spiritual blessing on my birthday, and I was not disappointed.


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