Little Lambs Inc.
Our Mission

Our Mission:

     Little Lambs Inc. is dedicated to serving the inmate population of the United States and abroad. We believe that true change can only occur for these men and women through regeneration and discipleship, rather than rehabilitation.

     We are devoted to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the men and women in the prisons and jails across America. Through personal evangelism and teaching we hope to educate inmates on the principles of godliness, help to renew their minds, and ultimately help them to change from a criminal lifestyle to one of a child of God.

     We offer a correspondence Bible study course through our Little Lambs School of the Bible. This course is available free of charge to any inmate upon upon personal request. This course takes up to 2 years to complete and serves as a mentoring tool for these inmates. Our volunteers handle each and every lesson with personal care and attention. Each student must complete 16 course studies to graduate. Upon graduation, he or she will receive a Thomas Nelson NKJV flex-cover study Bible as a reward for their hard work and diligence. 

For men and women free and in prisons the Overcomers 23 week Recovery Program is succeeding in its intent to bring wholeness and sobriety.  Also since Oct. 2011 Grace Place Women's Home, a 12 month residential program for addiction treatment, is open, running and accepting applications.

John and Eileen Sala
Listen to John Sala sing "At the Cross":
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